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The Diary Of CLS 

The history of Convent Light Street started in France, the ‘brainchild’ of a far-sighted priest, Reverend Father Barre (1621-1686). 


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Reverend Father Nicholas Barre


Born in Ameins, France on 21st October, 1621, Nicholas Barre was brought up in an ideal Christian family. He was a serious and pious boy, spending a great part of his free time in prayer and reflection. Nicholas became Reverend Father Barre in 1642.


He opened the first school of the Sisters of Charitable Instruction of the Holy Infant Jesus in Sottenville-Roven, with the aim of dedicating himself to educate young girls, training them to love God, giving them the knowledge necessary for people of simple ranks and “to be ever ready to go and teach wherever the greater glory of God requires them, be it to the ends of the earth” 

–M. de Montiguy, third superior of the Institute, quoting Father Barre.


Subsequently Father Barre, went to Paris and established the headquarters for his spiritual daughters to be close to him at St. Maur Street. From 1678 onwards, the house in St. Maur Street sent out, groups of young Sisters to different parts of the world yearly for about twenty years. Father Barre continued training and encouraging his religious family. He laid down definite regulations to fix the line of conduct for the Sisters and organized a proper Novitiate where religious teacher training was provided.


On 31st May 1686, in the Minim Friary, Place Royale, Paris this humble religious man passed away peacefully.



The Diary of CLS

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