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Government House


In March 1859, the Sisters bought Government House (also called Admiralty House or Navy House) in Light Street for Frcs. 50,000.00. The house was situated on a seven acre site fronting the sea, an ideal location for the health and welfare of their charges.

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It was built during Governor Farquhar’s time as   Governor of the Penang Settlement    (1804-1805). It was later rented to the East India Company administration, whose aim was to study progress of new  plantations. During this tenure, the first floor was used as a ballroom. Then the building became the Governor’s office and a Council Chamber. This building was of Anglo-Indian architecture as seen in the slope of the bungalow roof, proportions of the building columns and unusual relief’s depicting birds.

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After Reverend Mother St. Mathilde acquired the Government House, it became the Novitiate. The surrounding buildings of wood and attap were used as dormitories, kitchen and classrooms, with two wells  providing water when needed. History places the original home of Sir Francis Light somewhere in the vicinity.

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Part of the seven acre site included a large field, which was sold at a later date to  St. Xavier's Institution, a La Salle Brothers SchoolIn 1961, the first floor was converted into a private school. The ground floor now consists of two cookery rooms and two needlework rooms whereas the first floor houses classrooms for the lower secondary.

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In 1860, a chapel of wood and attap was built beside the Government House. This building was converted into a laundry when the new chapel was completed in 1932. The laundry duties for the nuns were performed by the orphans.


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