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Reverend Mother de Faudoas


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The period of office of Reverend Mother de Faudoas (1837-1877), saw a wonderful expansion in the work of the institute. From then on, the institute developed rapidly, spreading everywhere and finally to Malaya in 1851.

Mother de Faudoas discovered her vocation at the close of a novena made to St. Francis Xavier. She had perceived a sort of vision in the ancient church of Salbern where from far and near, from beyond the seas, she saw children running to her and imploring her aid.

She recalled with emotion this remarkable incident when she heard a request being made for Sisters of the Missions of the Far East. If she herself could not cross the seas, she was nevertheless ready to come to the help of souls who were calling her, by sending them her daughters. A decision was then made to send five sisters for the first departure to found the first Mission of the Institute at Singapore, which was considered then the most important post of the Mission, and then to try to form a new one each year. 

Arrangements continued all during the Autumn of 1851. A boat had to be found and complicated preparations had to be made, because it means a prospect of a perilous crossing of four or five months by the Cape of Good Hope.



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