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The First Journey

On 17th November 1851, at 8 o’clock in the evening, the Missionaries were to leave for Anvers, from where they were to embark. But the departure was delayed for some days, to wait for favourable weather. They did not set sail until 6th December 1851.

The Missionaries selected were:
* Mother St. Pauline (Marie Rodet), 30 years
* Sr. St. Eudozie (Selanie Zelina Clarbont), 22 years
* Sr. St. Enthyme (Julie Perrot), 24 years, a choir sister
* Sr. St Pulchere, an English sister of almost the same age as
St Pauline,  who showed talent and initiative in the education
   of children.

They took a Belgian Trading Ship "La Julie", quite a beautiful sailing boat from Antwerp, Belgium.

During the long voyage, they studied English and Malay. Unfortunately, on 13th March 1852, at sea near Christmas Island. Mother St. Pauline breathed her last.

On 17th March 1852, the Missionaries found themselves facing the Island of Sumatra and the Island of Krakatua. They lowered the anchor and later experienced a terrible storm. The boat only raised anchor on 29th March 1852.They were only seven more miles to Singapore.

Upon arrival at Singapore, they were told that the Vicar Apostolic, Bishop Boucho awaited them in Penang. Thus, they had to leave, just on arrival. By then, one Sister had left the Mission and another fell ill and was to remain an invalid all her life.

On 4th April 1852, they set sail, once more for Penang. They embarked at 6p.m. on a miserable little English boat of 300 tons, called “L’Edward Marquard”. At 8 o’clock, they left the harbour of Singapore.

They arrived at Penang on Monday, 12th April 1852. The sisters lived, at first, in an attap roofed housed in Church Street ( in the neighbourhood of the then Catholic Church ). On 1 July 1852, they received 16 orphans, 9 boarders and 30 day pupils. The children were to be raised and educated by the Sisters. The Sisters taught during the day and sewed at night to raise money for food and clothing.



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The First Journey

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